Who could have predicted that New Jersey drivers would earn another huge red flag? Heavy on the sarcasm.

You could say a lot of things about how terrible the drivers are here in the Garden State. In fact, you’re probably one of them. Hate to break it to ya.

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There are the usual suspects. The people who cruise at leisurely speed in the fast lane. The muscle truck tailgaters who ride your bumper even when you're already going 80 mph. The person who drives on the shoulder to cut to the front of the merging lane because they think they're better than everyone else. The people who don't how to merge period in New Jersey - Oh we could go on!

All of these things amount to us being a hot-headed people in general on the mean streets of New Jersey. You could also call us rushy, rude, aggressive, and…

Impatient! And where are you very likely to feel that sting of impatience driving in New Jersey. In the EZ-Pass lane.

Keep Moving!

There’s seems to be a large amount of people who aren’t aware… You don’t have to stop in the EZ-Pass lane! Even if there’s a barrier - you can keep moving! As long as you’re not going too fast, it’ll lift by the time you drive through.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But even so, there’s always that one over-cautious person who slows down to a glacial pace, or stops altogether in the EZ-Pass lane before the read says PAID.

“Oh my god, gooooooo!!” might be your sentiment.

In my experience, this happens on a weekly basis driving in New Jersey/Philadelphia. This doesn't mean I expect people to breeze through going 60 mph, but there's no need to come to a complete stop unless there's a line of cars.

Call it the hot-headed, impatient Jersey driver in me! Is this one of your biggest pet peeves too?

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