Finally! Snow has returned to New Jersey after over 700 days!

There's so much to love about snow here in the Northeast, from white-covered evergreen trees, sledding down hillsides, hunkering down in a cabin, spotting deer in snowy fields, and more!

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But with all the good, exciting things snow brings, there are also the pain-in-the-you-know-what things - like driving in the snow!

You think New Jersey drivers suck under normal, every day conditions? They're even worse when it snows. Heck, they're even more dangerous in the snow!

Tree Lined-up Snowplows Clearing the Highway
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After a while of not having snow, it's easy to forget how much common sense is no where to be seen on the New Jersey Turnpike, I-295, Route 1, and all of the rest of the roads in New Jersey.

During one of my most recent commutes to and from work, I could have listed well over 10 bone-headed things drivers do when it snows here in the good old Garden State.

Blizzard on the road.
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Chief among my complaints was the fact that SO many people neglect to clear the roofs of their car before they start driving. That is super illegal, by the way! When snow/ice comes flying off your car, it could smack someone else's windshield and cause damage and injury.

Roof cleaning
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So what are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to New Jersey drivers and their poor driving habits in the snow?

We asked you on our Facebook page to drop some annoying things New Jersey Drivers do when it snows, and nobody held back! The answers came pouring in!


So see what really grinds our gears about New Jersey drivers when it snows. Here are the top 10 things that p*** us off the most!

Here Are 10 of the WORST Things NJ Drivers Do When it Snows!

Does it tick you off when people drive like this in the snow too?

Gallery Credit: Austyn

Did we miss anything on this list? Let us know if you agree!


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