Do you miss the city of Philadelphia? The concerts, activities, and spirit of the city? Lucky for you, people are now able to experience Philadelphia without even leaving their bedroom. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, here’s a list of ten activities you can do!

1. Watch Philly Live Weekends, a concert experience created by NBC10 and Visit Philly. You can watch this program on Facebook.

2. Summer reading binge? Allow the Free Library’s “What Do I Read Next?” program help you out. Put in your preferences and your interests and librarians will email you recommendations.

3. Take a virtual tour of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

4. If you’re in the mood for something historical, you can take a virtual tour of Easten State Penitentiary

5. Take Philadelphia School of Circus Arts classes. Skills you can practice include ballet, juggling, hula hooping, and so many more all for free

6. Do you miss the Flyers? Enter to win a raffle which includes a Gritty themed prize package

7. Add some spice to your Zoom meetings by making your background Philadelphia themed. This could be love park, Philadelphia Airport, Citizens Bank Park, and so many more.

8. Stay in shape by doing an at-home Sixer’s workout led by their performance director, Dr David Martin.

9. Send your family and friends a Philly themed treat basket. This includes Utz Chips, Tastykakes, and other Philly snacks.

10. Go to the Philadelphia Zoo at 2 PM and watch their Facebook live videos. You can ask the zookeepers questions, see reptiles, and be interactive with the staff.


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