Governor Phil Murphy has yet to allow the reopening of hair and nail salons, and business are growing anxious. Despite his executive order, hundreds of salons in the state of New Jersey plan to reopen on June 1 no matter what. According to Fox News, businesses are at their breaking point.

More than 1,000 salons owners from New Jersey all came together to discuss their own plan for reopening. Since their reopen date is still up in the air while other business have been given the green light to reopen, they are taking matter into their own hands.

Jack Panico, the owner of Ridgewood’s Panico Salon and Spa, said, “There has been such a huge disconnect in communication and there are so many small businesses, not just the beauty industry, they’re at the end of their rope.” Salon owners have been preparing for re-opening for a very long time. “We’ve been working with the protocols, putting things together when this first happened, all the manufacturers, the salon leaders, the whole beauty industry has been working very hard since this happened putting protocols together because there was really no communication.”

The frustration of the delay of dates while other states are opening is weighing on salon owners. “We can keep our people safe and in a sanitized environment because we’re changing the way we run our businesses,”  Panico said.  A big change made to salons would be the absence of a waiting room to increase social distancing.

After multiple attempts to contact the government, salons have created June 1st as their independent opening date. Panico explained that “We want to engage with the governor. We have been trying so hard,it just seems like we're talking to deaf ears.”

The question is what will the repercussions of this action be? Will there be any?


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