It would be extremely tough to find someone that was born in the year 1911. If you do, they probably have stories about when the Empire State Building was built in 1930 or perhaps what it was like when the very first Super Bowl happened in 1967.
Well there is someone that remembers those things. In fact, there is a lady that is 110 years old and "she is amazing," according to USA Today. Hilda Brown, the 110-year-old lady from Berkeley New Jersey is still extremely strong. USA Today shared that Hilda Brown tested positive for COVID-19 and now has beat the virus.

We learned from USA Today that Hilda Brown is one of 76 COVID-19 survivors that are over 100 years old and beat the virus. That has to bring so much joy to Hilda Brown's family. It was reported by many sources that the ones that were at higher risk and with fewer chances to beat the COVID-19 virus are the elders. COVID-19 was not going to take down Hilda Brown.

The cutest part of Hilda Brown beating COVID-19 is that she received 110 roses for every year of her life. It was also stated on USA Today that Hilda Brown recently turned 110 on January 20. Happy late birthday, Mrs. Brown.

USA Today reported that family members of Hilda Brown have stopped by and paid a visit now that she is clear but everyone only gets to see her through a window to continue to practice social distancing and protect each other.

Hilda Brown has not let anything hold her back from doing what she wants at an older age. USA Today stated that Brown still drove up until the age of 93.

Glad to hear that some elders are beating this virus as well.

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