We would be lying if we were to say that we are not fans of the dollar menu at McDonald's. It comes in clutch with some of those deals but it seems like things are getting even better.

Eat This recently reported that McDonald's will be having a pretty legit Thursday promotion that will have you extremely full for less than a dollar. We learned that this promotion with amazing prices on shakes, apple pies, large fries and cheeseburgers started yesterday (Thursday, January 21) and will continue until February 18.
Here is a list shared by Eat This of the deals that McDonald's will have:

  • Jan. 28: Small Shake for 25 cents with a minimum $1 in-app purchase,
  • Feb. 4: Apple Pie for 20 cents with a minimum $1 in-app purchase,
  • Feb. 11: Large Fries for 35 cents with a minimum $1 in-app purchase,
  • Feb. 18: Cheeseburger for 25 cents with minimum $1 in-app purchase.

From the looks of it, there is a $1 minimum purchase necessary to be able to get these amazing deals.

It was stated on Eat This that these prices were the original prices for those items back in the '80s and ''90s. Those prices were legit. They should be like that all the time now.

If you are wondering what was sold on day one of the throwback prices at McDonald's, Eat This mentioned that it was the cheeseburger.

Whoever came up with this idea that McDonald's should have extremely cheap prices on certain days is an automatic legend. The real MVP for sure.

One last thing, Eat This made it known that this is a deal that the fast-food restaurant is running through the McDonald's app only.

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