5 Seconds of Summer resurrects the larger-than-life spirit of Freddie Mercury on their rollicking, brand new cover of "Killer Queen."

Released Friday (October 26), the Australian band honors one of Queen's biggest and most beloved hits with a cover that both re-imagines and pays homage to 1974 single from the prolific rock legends, who are the subject of 20th Century Fox's forthcoming biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.

"Queen have been such a massive influence on us as a band. Their unique harmonies, the fluidity to their songwriting and how they each used their own musicality to back each other up have always inspired us. We chose to cover ‘Killer Queen’ because we kept hearing it while writing our third album, Youngblood, and were so enamored by the production and their early realization of the minimalist approach to the track," the band shared of the cover in a press release.

"As a pioneer of individuality, Freddie taught us what it means to embrace the idea of truly being yourself and that’s a part of Queen that lives on in their music now, more than ever," 5 Seconds of Summer added.

As anticipated, it's a totally killer rendition. We're sure Freddie would be proud.

Listen, below:

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