Uh oh, New Jersey!

There may be a new insect we need to be on the lookout for. We all know that Lanternflies were the “it” bugs in New Jersey over the past few years. We all came together in the area and tried to help eliminate these pests as best as we could.

Now, we may have another insect invading New Jersey on our hands, and these are a lot more intimidating in my opinion.

Daily Mail is reporting that giant 8-inch spiders are set to invade the US and New York and New Jersey may be some of the first states to see these creatures. “A venomous eight-inch-long spider native to Asia, whose palm-sized female cannibalize their male mates, is flying up America’s east coast and spreading out west.” writes Daily Mail.

Giant spiders are enough to terrify me, but these are not just giant spiders that will crawl around on the ground. These are flying spiders.

What Are Joro Spiders and Are They Coming to New Jersey?

Orkin reports that the Joro Spider was likely brought into the United States in 2013 or 2014 in a container ship from Japan, China, Taiwan, and/or Korea.” Now, researchers saying that the venomous, flying spiders will spread throughout the country and will likely soon invade The Garden State.

According to researchers at the University of Georgia, “Joro spiders can relocate themselves by moving about using a balloon technique-”. This means they can spin their webs to catch air currents so they can essentially fly through the air. These spiders can travel up to 50 - 100 miles.

As scary as this spider may sound, the calming part about these creatures is that they are not known to be aggressive. Still, it’s important to educate yourselves on what these spiders look like to avoid any run-ins!

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