There's nothing worse than being homesick during the holiday season. So I've made a list of products that you can buy if you're missing home this holiday season:

NJ State Brass Christmas Ornament

Who doesn’t love staring at their Christmas tree in admiration? Now you can be reminded of the best things about New Jersey and enjoy the holiday season all at the same time. Such a cute gift for someone who moved out of state.

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Homesick Candle

Candles are the perfect way to get into the holiday/winter season. This New Jersey homesick candle is perfect for anyone feeling homesick during the holidays. Light it up, cuddle up under a cozy blanket and throw on your favorite holiday movie. We aren’t too sure what New Jersey really smells like but the idea of it is super cute.

New Jersey Beer Cap Map

We all know that the holiday season brings lots of food and what goes better with a feast than a beer? If you’re missing your hometown in NJ this holiday season, or even if you’re not, fill up this New Jersey map with all of your bottle caps. It holds 70 beer caps, both twist-off and pop-off. Once it’s full it’ll make for some unique wall décor!

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New Jersey “Home” Coffee Mug

There’s nothing better than having some hot chocolate while watching holiday movies. With this New Jersey “home” mug you can be reminded of your favorite place every time you go for a hot drink during the holiday season, and even after because it’s just that cute!

Lucky Feather State Necklace

Take a piece of New Jersey with you everywhere you go with this New Jersey necklace. We aren’t feeling homesick but we might get ourselves one of these because it’s that cute!

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