Are you and your significant other going to an ugly sweater party this holiday season?

Well, we found the six best sweaters that will for sure have you bringing home the holiday trophy this year. There is just one catch. You and your significant other will be attached at the hip all night long, literally.

Holiday Reindeer Conjoined Sweater

This sweater is for that couple who thinks they are just “too cool.” These reindeer are decked out for the holidays.

Santa and Elf Conjoined Sweater

This one is just too cute! Santa and his elf holding hands, it doesn’t get more holiday innocent than this.

Naughty and Nice Conjoined Sweater

This naughty and nice sweater will do Santa’s job for him. Just make sure you put it on the right way or someone might end up on the naughty list for no reason.

Santa and Mrs. Claus Conjoined Sweater

Get a good laugh out of your friends with this Santa and Mrs. Claus sweater. Honestly, this sweater doesn’t even need a description. The picture does all the talking.

Snowmen Conjoined Sweater

Another cute and innocent sweater. Just a “couple” of snowmen.

Couples “Sexy” Conjoined Sweater

Last, but certainly not least, is this “sexy” sweater. This is one you definitely want to make sure you put on the right way or else it’ll be all bad, or even funnier depending on how you look at it.

If you decided to get one of these sweaters for an upcoming party this season, just be ready to be closer than ever with your significant other. 

* We are not responsible for any arguments and/or breakups these sweaters may cause. 

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