When sports leagues announced that they would be playing their seasons without audiences, fans freaked out and wondered how watching games would be the same. Now the only thing worse than that is probably having one of your favorite players injured. Unfortunately, this happened to 76ers fans when they watched Ben Simmons get injured and dislocate his knee cap Wednesday night against the Washington Wizards.


It is hard to tell in the video posted by Bleacher Report, but we see Simmons grab his knee suddenly and walk off the court. According to NBC Philadelphia Sports, what looks like a little sprain that Simmons suffered from was actually a left patella subluxation, or what anyone who’s not a doctor would call a dislocation of the kneecap. As of now the 76ers point guard/small forward will be out indefinitely which is devastating news for Philly fans. NBC Sports also writes that out of the eleven games Simmons has not been in, they have had 6 wins and 5 losses, so we could possibly see some nail biting games in the near future without him.

Bleacher Report states that NBA playoffs will begin on August 18, so there is a short time left for Simmons to recover and be back on the court before then (no pressure). We will start to see the Sixer’s fate with their performance against the Orlando Magic tonight. Let’s hope for Simmons to have a speedy recovery!


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