Brookdale Community College could be in some serious trouble.

The college received a letter from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education informing them that they may not be meeting their accreditation standards. reports that it's not clear what improvements must be made to meet their accreditation standards.

However, this is a huge problem because if they lose their accreditation, they'll also lose funding for federal financial aid, and will put students in danger of losing their own financial aid.

The commission set a March 1 deadline for the college to fix their issues. Brookdale says they are confident that they will, in fact, meet standards and will not have a problem.

I attended Brookdale for two years before transferring to Rider University. I loved going to Brookdale! It was such a wonderful school to start my college career. Hopefully, they get done what they need to so they don't have to worry about losing their accreditation.

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