Taco Bell is working on a new restaurant concept now that so many of us are doing drive-thru because of the pandemic, according to Delish.

Is it just me, or does this concept remind you of Chick-fil-A? The new model, called "Go Mobile," has two drive-thru lanes for your convenience. They are definitely efficient at Chick-fil-A. The restaurant itself will be smaller, about half the size of a "normal" Taco Bell with an eat-in area, because these new Taco Bells will be drive-thru only.

The kitchen will have smart technology, synced with their app, to make ordering on the Taco Bell app go much more smoothly, and one of the two drive-thru lanes will be for app orders only...a pick up priority line, the article says. The app will also be able to tell when you've arrived to pick up your order, and give you instructions on the best way to do so. Cool. There will be curbside pickup, and new "bellhops" taking on-site orders (outside) with tablets. Do you see what they did there..."bell" hops...Taco "bell"...so cute. The bellhop concept reminds me of Chick-fil-A too.

You won't see these new Taco Bells start to pop up for a few months, but, some of the new features may be activated soon at existing restaurants, so keep an eye out.

The Taco Bell President and Global COO, Mike Grams, said in a press release the company's doing everything with you, the customer, in mind. "With demand for our drive-thru at an all-time high, we know adapting to meet our consumers rapidly changing needs has never been more important. The Taco Bell Go Mobile restaurant concept is not only an evolved physical footprint, but a completely synchronized digital experience centered around streamlining guest access points. For the first time, our guests will have the ability to choose the pick-up experience that best fits their needs, all while never leaving the comfort of their cars."

I hope there are a few around here. I'll keep you posted.

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