A new article was just released and it features the most popular dog breed in each state.

So of course I had to see who was the winner for New Jersey.

According to House Beautiful, the most popular dog breed in NJ is the Maltese and I'm not mad at it. This dog is so small and cute and just looking at photos of this pup, I'm having a serious case of doggy fever.

The article says it's the perfect family dog and the highlights of the breed are playful, affectionate, and gentle.

Oh my god, so cute.

I didn't forget about my people from PA.

Apparently the most popular breed in PA is the Rottweiler. This honestly doesn't even surprise me, it almost fits the state when you think about it.

The breed is highlighted as " moderate droolers and barkers, and they're not as likely to dig holes in your yard as other breeds." by House Beautiful.

Check out the full list here.




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