Airbnb isn't playing around anymore. They have put out a very strict new rule that affects all rental properties all over the world. FOX 29 reported that Airbnb released a statement saying there are no longer parties allowed at any Airbnb rental properties. From the statement released it seems like this new rule will take effect immediately. It was also mentioned that the rule will be in "effect indefinitely until further notice."

Another big thing that will be changing is that Airbnb rental properties will max out at 16 guests only.

According to FOX 29, it seems that the big decision to make all Airbnb rental properties anti-parties locations was after noticing that over 70% of Airbnb rentals had already banned parties at their locations. We learned that the 73% wasn't just here in the U.S. It was actually all over the world.

I will be real, I've rented an Airbnb out in Ocean City, Maryland before and that thing was a party. It wasn't that many people, but the ones that were there were reckless. We didn't destroy the property because we are respectful of others. FYI this was way before the pandemic.

FOX 29 mentioned that Airbnb at one point had an "event friendly" option for those that wanted to have any small event. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Airbnb has since removed the option.

My question now is, how will they control the parties? The times I've booked an Airbnb there has never been anyone there for check-in or out. Will the neighbors call the owner of the property?

This is interesting but Airbnb has to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone continues to stay safe during the pandemic.

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