We gotta admit that Amazon Prime hasn't been the best lately because there hasn't been 2-day shipping. It's all good though because we know its all due to the circumstances. If you are looking forward to going on a shopping spree on Prime Day just a heads up it is not happening in July this year. According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is looking to have Prime Day during the fall, in September to be specific.

We learned from The Wall Street Journal that the reason Amazon is moving Prime Day to the fall is that they are trying to rebuild after the pandemic and be in better shape to have quick deliveries. It's also been mentioned that it will take Amazon a few months to be able to be back to speed with "ultrafast" shipping but they are getting there little by little.

If you have an Amazon Prime account but you aren't really sure what Prime Day is, don't worry you're not alone a lot of people don't know what it is. Prime Day is kind of like Black Friday or Cyber Monday for Amazon Prime subscribers. It is a two-day sale, usually in July, where you can find multiple items at very low prices.

It was also mentioned on The Wall Street Journal that Amazon has seen a good amount of competition during this pandemic. Some of the competition came from Walmart that saw a 4% increase while Amazon had a 29% income fall.

We will be honest, we are looking forward to Prime Day because lately, we have heard that big stores that have opened up after the pandemic have had HUGE discounts on great products.

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