Amazon shipping box
Amazon shipping box (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

I remember the day my husband told me he signed us up for Amazon Prime. I remember telling him it was a waste of money and to pay twelve or thirteen dollars a month for it was ridiculous. Fast forward two years later and I honestly don't know what my life would be like without it. I order something from Amazon and I get it like a day later, it's fantastic and completely worth it and yes, I have apologized to my husband. During this pandemic, I've ordered so much from Amazon, but I've had to wait a while to get the stuff I ordered.

Amazon got slammed with orders when the coronavirus pandemic began. People were ordering tons of supplies like hand soap, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, masks and other essential items they needed to stay safe and the site got so busy, deliveries that would usually take one or two days, were taking weeks to arrive. were taking  because they from demand from the coronavirus outbreak. They’re also able to receive more inventory from suppliers, so that helps as well. But, good news, according to Time, Amazon says one or two day shipping will be returning to the site within the next couple of weeks. There are many reasons why Amazon is now about to order their Prime services again. First, Amazon is not the only retailer that has the essential items people need to keep themselves safe. Amazon also gave workers time off who were concerned about their safety, so workers who were working in warehouses were having to do double the work and orders weren't getting filled as quickly as they usually would. So, they've caught up on orders, hired more people and also, they are now able to receive more inventory from their suppliers, so that helps as well.

So if you have prime and you're ordering things you want asap, you will soon be able to get them. I am super happy!

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