I've heard from many people that love going to the movie theater that driving by the movie theaters and just seeing the doors shut makes them feel a little upset. We really don't even know when they'll be opening back up. It seems like major movie theaters are not happy with the state of New Jersey.

NBCnews.com recently made it known that major movie theaters like AMC, Cinemark, and Regal are going after the state of New Jersey and are pretty much saying that the state is not following the First Amendment rights. It was stated on NBC News that the 3 major movie theaters filed a lawsuit on the state on Monday, July 6.

If I was a movie theater owner or employee I would be mad because it looks like malls and other stores are opening up but movie theaters are still placed on hold. The National Association of Theater owners told NBC News that it has not been "neither fair nor reasonable" the way that movie theaters have been treated during this pandemic. In the lawsuit that was issued on Monday, it was mentioned that it is "unconstitutional and unlawful" that movie theaters have not been given a chance to open up even with limited capacity.

According to NBC News, the lawsuit that was filed by major theaters also stated they had shared information with the state that the movie theaters would follow strict detailed protocols to reopen but the state gave no specific reason why the movie theaters still must remain closed.

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