First went hand sanitizer, then toilet paper and now pizza. The hot commodity had shifted from essential only to a slightly less necessary item. Food stores have been experiencing shortages of the basics – eggs, milk, bread – but most recently it’s the frozen food section that’s been cleaned out.

According to Adweek, several top brands of frozen pizza have reported increases in sales up to 190%. It turns out with everyone stuck at home on their couches they have opted for the couch potato’s main meal of choice. Not only that, according to data analytics firm IRI, Americans have bought nearly $275 million worth of frozen pizza since the beginning of this global pandemic.

Not only that but this meal is cheap and easy, and therefore perfect for the quarantine crisis scenario people are experiencing around the globe. The fact that these frozen flatbreads are both delicious and good in a crisis certainly makes it understandable as to why they are being bought in a panic.

Savor your DiGiornos or Totino’s while they last in the freezer because chances are, they could be sold out at your local store.

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