Believe it or not, I love new technology. I lowkey turn into a geek when these new devices come out. I was a little bummed that at the first Apple event they left out the new iPhone 12, but it looks like Apple may have just told themselves in so many different ways. According to Forbes, iPhone 12 will be announced October 13th. This doesn't end there. Pre-ordering is supposed to start October 16th, and the new devices should officially hit shelves October 23.

Ok we have the dates….so what’s the big deal? The biggest change from what we know of is that Apple will not be including their earpods. Not airpods, earpods. If you can’t figure out what that is, earpods are the original earphones that typically come with a new phone. I’m sure everyone is screeching their heads in confusion. I’m not entirely sure either. There are tons of people that actually think this is a good idea because most people prefer the airpods. Apparently there are also tons of people that just leave them sitting in the box as well. I guess we are too good for the wired earphones.

Since Apple has a way of forcing you to use their new products, it’s no surprise that you will have to buy airpods.. I honestly think it would be a great idea if Apple would give a complimentary pair of airpods with a purchase of an iphone, but money talks.

Something I learned on Tik Tok is that people also didn’t know these phones also came with a charger, which is mind boggling to me. That must mean these people went out of their way to go buy a charger that they already had. If this was ever you please make sure you open the entire box! Apparently Apple will be getting rid of the wall charger as well!

This news has been heavily anticipated. A couple of weeks ago, Apple held an event introducing the new iOS 14 update, their new ipads, apple watches, the fitness + app, and apple one, which you can read more about here. During this event that happens around the same time every year, a new phone is introduced to the audience as well, but this year Apple kept us guessing.

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