Apple has just fully reopened all 270 of their stores since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to the New York Post, the company was insanely cautious about reopening all of its stores. They hired a team of medical experts that went to  each county in which Apple had an store to prepare for re-opening day. 

I went to Quakerbridge Mall yesterday  just trying to kill some time. If you've been keeping up with me, you know that I went back and forth about buying a MacBook. I owed myself a laptop and I figured if I am going to buy a new one I might as well spend the extra cash and get a laptop I know I'm going to love. I’ve always wanted to be one of those kids in class that was texting on their laptop with a MacBook, but I can never see myself dishing out that much money. Well that day has finally come and gone I bought myself a new MacBook Pro 2020. We aren’t going to talk about how much money that actually was, just know I was disgusted with myself.

Funny enough, I actually have not opened the box yet. I am so scared I do not have a case on it because I don't want anything to happen to it, considering the amount of money that was put into it. I've been searching up and down for a case, and the only place I know that I can see cases in person is at the Apple Store. Well, until yesterday the Apple stores we're not completely open. They had this express wall built in front of all their stores. Basically what you would have to do is order your stuff ahead of time and pick it up at the store. As I was walking by the Apple Store yesterday I realized that they had the entire store open again. So of course I got in line to go into the store.

There is a security guard that stands there and asks a million questions about COVID-9, and then he checks your temperature. I was let in and did everything as normal. Unfortunately, I still did not get myself a laptop case. I guess I will have to just order one. 


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