My Iphone has been broken for about 6 months now. The battery is so overheated that I can't use my face ID to unlock my phone. Instead I have to manually type in my passcode which is a huge pain. Also since the battery is so weak, my phone barely holds a charge nowadays. I have been meaning to get to an Apple store, but haven't found the time to drive all the way to Quaker Bridge Mall in Princeton. So hearing that there will soon be mini Apple stores put in Targets made my entire day. Especially since I am at Target more than 4 times a week sadly.

According to USA Today, there will be 17 mini Apple stores coming to different Targets across the country by the end of fall. The new "enhanced Apple shopping experience" has already debuted online. These stores will mimic the traditional Apple experience with displays for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and other accessories. Every single employee will be receiving special tech training from Apple. According to their press release, the mini stores are "designed for guests to experience new products through demonstrations.”

“Apple products are popular with Target’s guests, and this new, dedicated shopping experience offers enhanced service and expanded offerings, building on our strength as a go-to destination for electronics,” Christina Hennington, Target executive vice president and chief growth officer, said in the release.

According to USA Today, five Texas and four Florida stores are getting these mini stores along with one location apiece in eight other states including California, Delaware, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Exciting right? The location here in PA that is getting the mini Apple store is in North Wales. If that's far from you don't worry! According to CNN, the new Apple sections will be added to more Target stores in the coming years.

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