Applebees has definitely stepped up their game since I was a waitress there! That was my first waitressing job when I was 18 and I had never been a waitress before. With the large menu and the busy crowd it was definitely intimidating. But it ended up being something I was very good at and I continued to waitress for a while after that.

I think Applebees has been known to have "sub par" food (except their appetizers which are half off after 10), and drinks but over the last couple of years, the menu has gotten a lot better. With the many restaurants they compete against. it was a smart move!

Last year around this time, Applebees blew everyone away with drink specials that were unheard of anywhere else. First was their $1 margaritas, then their $1 Long Island Iced Teas and $1 Bahama Mamas. They also has $2 drinks that were amazing as well like $2 Absolut vodka lemonades. Starting October 1st, they will have $2 Sam Adams Octoberfest! I know my new husband will be excited! he loves Sam Adams Beer! This is definitely an awesome deal especially when the world we live in is pumpkin spice and fall obsessed! Make sure if you're a fan you stop on in and take advantage!

Can't wait to see what they'll have next!

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