If there's one thing I love in the Summer, it's a nice, cold, adult beverage! Margaritas are my Summer drink for sure! They taste delicious when it's hot out and you there are so many different flavors!

Applebees, which was actually one of my first waitressing jobs, has been offering $1 mixed drinks on and off for a bout a year now and people have been loving it! They've previously offered Bahama Mamas in January and Long Island Iced Teas in June for $1. Their latest drink that they are offering for just a buck is their strawberry margarita! Yum! It'll be served in a 10 ounce glass and a whole lot of yumminess!

Think about, it's Taco Tuesday or Taco Thursday and you want some margaritas, but they can definitely be expensive at some places, well, not at Applebees, they're just a $1! Make sure you take advantage of this deal, or you will definitely kick yourself for missing it!

There's two Applebees locations very close to us, but you can also find more locations here.

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