I remember last year when we were watching the news and first hearing about the coronavirus. It was crazy to know we were at the beginning of a pandemic. Then, they told us we'd have to wear masks in public and we thought that was even more crazy. Now, it's what we do every day, it's in our daily routine and it's been keeping us super safe. Now that there is a mutation of this virus that is more easily spread than the first, FOX News reports that we may have to start wearing two masks instead of one. Dr. Anthony Fauci the Infectious disease expert, we all met last year when he was on the coronavirus task force is the one who says it's definitely possible that we will have to wear two. Even though the coronavirus task force isn't really a thing anymore, he is working very close with President Biden and officials. Dr. Fauci and CDC researchers haven't come to a definite decision yet on whether we should be wearing two mask or not, but they are doing some studies now to see. For more info on the research they're doing, check out this article from Fox News.


I have said it before and I'll say it again. I do not care about wearing a mask during this pandemic. I was actually talking to my husband about still wearing a mask once all of this is over. I would still like to wear it at work and in crowded places like the grocery story and concert venues. People have their opinions on them and I know they are strong opinions, but myself and my family have not been sick in over a year. There's definitely something to say about that. I think they work, I know some people don't think that they do, but everyone has had their opinions about this pandemic. I am all about believing in science and statistics. Both those things say masks work. So if I need to wear two to keep myself safe, no problem. My man Dr. Fauci says we may have to and I've been listening to him this entire time and I will continue to listen to him. All I want to do is get rid of this virus and go back to a somewhat normal life.

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