While we are all staying home and trying to flatten the curve of this 'Rona virus we're still trying to look somewhat good and not like a hot mess. Believe me, it wasn't even day 2 of quarantine and I gave myself a haircut. Can't say it was the best work, but hey it was something. We've also noticed that a lot of parents are trying to give their kids a haircut as well.

PhillyMag.com was able to get in contact with one of the top barbers in the City of Brotherly Love, Josh DeMarco. The barber mentioned that he has received so many calls from customers for house call haircuts.

One of the main things that DeMarco pointed out is that men are complaining the most about the hair on the back of their neck during this quarantine. It was stated on PhillyMag.com that men feel extremely dirty when they don't have the neck area cleaned up.

The Philly barber gave tips to PhillyMag.com on how to clean up your neck to feel a little better about not getting a real haircut. He said to comb the neck hairs straight down and "have the trimmers go towards the back of the head. If they clean up around their ears and at the back of the neck, it’s going to make a huge difference."

DeMarco also gave a tip on how to give yourself a little fade, and to be honest this is exactly how I cut my hair. The Philly barber told Philly Mag, “If you are going to use clippers, start with a higher number and work your way down. Start with a number eight and go up the sides." I am not a pro but that's what I did on the sides and went as low as a zero to get somewhat close to the fade I normally get.

It was also mentioned on PhillyMag.com that this is the time to have a little fun and mess with your hair. Obviously you aren't going anywhere, so you'll be the only one judging your hair.

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