The coronavirus pandemic has many people panicking and running out to the grocery stores to clear out the shelves. Many experts have said there's no need for this, but people still do it anyway. I mean, think about it...we're supposed top be practicing social distancing, yet we're going to these stores that are packed with people and we don't know who or what they've been exposed to. I honestly go shopping ONLY when I need to and I try to go at times where I know it won't be too crowded. At some stores, this isn't possible, they are just too busy. Costco Wholesale has decided to take this into their own hands by changing up some of their policies.

According to their website, effective today (Friday, April 3rd) there will only be two people per membership card allowed into the store. This is to obviously limit the amount of people in their stores at one time. I think it's great! We're supposed to be staying home as much as possible, but once we're out and about, we should be wearing rubber gloves or using hand sanitizer, wearing a handkerchief to cover our nose and mouth and staying about 6 feet away from others. Until more stores take action like Costco and we all do what we're supposed to be doing, this pandemic could last a while.

Costco also made other changes like changing their hours and adding special senior hours as well. For more info, check out their website.


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