Can you feel it? There's such a vibe around Barbie, the movie right now.

It opened in theaters today (Friday, July 21st), starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, and everyone's flocking to see it dressed in pink outfits and fun beachwear.

Lots of area bars are serving bright Barbie-pink cocktails, having Barbie-themed parties and now I've found Barbie bagels for you.

The Barbie-pink striped bagels are at The Bagel Nook in Princeton. Aren't they so cute?  I know where I'm headed for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Have you ever been there? It's the coolest bagel shop around.

It's in the Princeton Shopping Center, on North Harrison Street, near McCafferty's Food Market. There's always something cool going on in there.

Every February I get red, heart shaped bagels there, green shamrock bagels for St. Patrick's Day, flowers for Mother's Day and more fun themes.

You have to try one of the Overloads (Oreo, Fruity Pebble, Cookie Dough, Triple Chocolate Chunk and a lot more). They are, well, overloaded with the Nook's crazy cream cheeses, cookies, fruit, cereal, crumb cake, Doritos (yup, there's a Dorito Overload) and anything you can imagine. Check out the rest by clicking here.


Here's the Cookie Monster Overload. Oh my.

The Crazy Cream Cheeses include peanut butter fudge, birthday cake, bacon cheddar, blazin hot ranch, salted caramel chocolate chip, ghost pepper, bacon scallion, cannoli9, s'mores, vanilla milkshake and more.

When you walk into the bagel shop and see all the colorful cream cheeses, you'll be hooked, trust me. I bet your bagel creation ends up on your Instagram. Make sure you hear to the back of the shop for a really cool, Insta ready wall...a great background for your pics.

If you're not into all the crazy, overloaded stuff, there's also paninis, sandwiches, wraps and more. All solid choices.

Grab your Barbie bagel today. I'm sure you'll see other things you just have to have too.

The Bagel Nook is located at 301 North Harrison Street, in the Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton.

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