It's the end of an era, sort of.

Pizza Star in Princeton has been sold

A legendary pizza shop in Princeton has a new owner. The grand opening of the new shop was last week (Thursday, March 28th).


It's Pizza Star in the Princeton Shopping Center. It's been in that corner spot of the shopping center for as long as I can remember. The pizza is so good. I hope Nino left the recipe behind. It's made Phillybite's list of the Best Pizza in Princeton.

If you've been a 94.5 'PST listener for a while, you may know that the radio station used to be located in downtown Princeton, on Witherspoon Street.

The old radio building has been transformed into an upscale clothing store since. Whenever I drive by nowadays it's so weird to think I once broadcasted from there. The old tower still stands in the background.


Anyway, Pizza Star was one of the places everyone in the office went for lunch, and we went often. The pizza was fabulous. All of the food was top-notch..pasta, sandwiches, etc. Ahh, the memories.

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Hopefully, it keeps the same vibe. It's a popular spot.

Princeton officials attended the grand opening on the new Pizza Star

Last week, Princeton officials were on hand for the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome the new owner to the shopping center.

Princeton, NJ Government via Facebook
Princeton, NJ Government via Facebook

Mayor Mark Freda was there as well as councilmembers Michelle Pirone Lambros and Eve Niedergang. Administrator Bernard Hvozdovic was a part of the welcoming committee too.

Pizza Star in Princeton had the same owner for almost 5 decades

Nino and family owned and operated Pizza Star for almost five decades. Whoa. It's time to take a break.

Please support this and all local businesses.

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The new Princeton Pizza Star is in the same spot in the Princeton Shopping Center

The new Princeton Pizza Star is located where it always was, in the corner of the Princeton Shopping Center, 301 N. Harrison Street, Princeton, NJ.


Good luck to the new owner.

I'll be stopping by soon.

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