At this point in life, every school is taking advantage of any funding that comes their way. Bucks County Community College is one of the schools that is benefiting from any type of funding they can get. recently reported that Bucks County Community College will be receiving a $420,000 Coronavirus Relief Fund grant that will benefit the job skills training programs. Unfortunately, many people have been affected by the pandemic and have lost their jobs. However, this grant that Bucks County Community College will be receiving will benefit those affected by the pandemic layoffs.

We learned from that residents from the county will be the ones that will benefit the most out of this grant because the Coronavirus Relief Fund will help train the residents that are currently unemployed. This training program will be at no cost.

According to, the Workforce Development will allow students to learn either "metalwork training, electro-mechanical industrial maintenance training, Microsoft Office technology, and customer service specialist support certification, and the new bookkeeping with QuickBooks certification."

If you are concerned about attending a class full of students, you do not have to worry about that. The classes will be hybrid, with the chance to attend classes from home as well as some hands-on, in-person work.

Commissioner Bob Harvie told that the shortage of money for Bucks County Community College was not all just because of the pandemic. It was starting to happen prior to these tough times. The great thing is that this $ 420,000 grant will benefit residents from the area and expand their skills.

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