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I feel like if you don't live in New York or California or Tennessee, there's no way you'll run into a celebrity. These are the states we hear about celebrities living in the most and sometimes people do run into them while they're out getting coffee or dining at a restaurant.

You don't really hear about celebrity sightings in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, unless the celebrity has been born here or spent a lot of time here. I know many people who have taken selfies with Bruce Springsteen while he's working out at the Jersey Strong gym down the shore.

Recently, we discovered that the Hadid family has property in New Hope Pennsylvania. I think a lot of people found this surprising since Yolanda Hadid, made her television debut on The Read Housewives of Beverly Hills. This is when we really got to know the Hadid family, especially Gigi and Bella.

Then we started seeing Gigi and Bella everywhere from their blossoming modeling careers and dating celebs like The Weeknd and Zayn Malik.

We're not sure about Bella and The Weeknd's relationship to be honest. They have been on and off since 2015. Gigi and Zayn Malik seem to be going strong and have recently welcomed a baby girl into the world.

We had heard that in the first few months of their baby's life, Gigi and Zayn spent time at the family's farm in New Hope and now the family has been staying there quite often.

Bella just posted some pictures on her Instagram and since we've seen the inside of the New Hope home before in other posts, we know she's there. The Patch even reported that she's in the area as well.

If you''re in the New Hope area, I'd keep an eye out for the Hadid girls. You may run into them when you least expect it.

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