Ok so you guys know I LOVE food, but especially something sweet and satisfying. So when I saw this I was freaking out. Bella Hadid was spotted at one of my favorite ice cream shops, Nina’s Waffles, in Bucks County. I saw this as I was scrolling through Instagram last night:

We think she visited the New Hope location based on their Facebook post. 

My first thought was, “why the heck is THE  Bella Hadid in Bucks County? Does she have friends in the area? Was she going to Philly? Where is her sister?” Who knows! All I know is that I have shared love for some good ice cream and waffles with Bella Hadid. They have locations in Newtown, Doylestown, New Hope, and Peddlers Village.

Also, I am wondering what did she order?! I have to know. And I’m not the only person that thought about this. Many of Nina’s Waffles Instagram followers were asking the same thing. I will say this, her body is one I would kill for and she’s just out here eating ice cream and waffles not worrying about gaining a single pound. I am lowkey jealous! I feel like every time I think about something sweet I immediately gain a pound. She’s really living the good life.

Nina’s Waffles is famous for not only their delicious ice cream, but their waffles are to die for! I’m not even kidding when I say I am there twice a week. Yes, I know this isn’t the healthiest thing, but a girls gotta eat. I am so sad I wasn’t there.


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