Remember the other day when we spotted Bella Hadid at Nina’s Waffles? Well, I noticed there was someone else in the picture and I got that chance to chat with her! Her name is Emma and she is the sweetest! 

There were tons of people trying to figure out why she was the lucky gal that got to talk to Bella, as was I. Emma actually works at Nina’s Waffles at their New Hope location! During our little chat she told me that the store had been slow all day and seeing Bella Hadid walk in was like seeing a ghost! 

“She is the number one person I look up to,” Emma said while remembering  this experience of a lifetime! Emma is a model herself, so meeting a model that is so big was truly a dream come true. I can only imagine how that must've felt. Emma even got the chance to sit down and talk to Bella. Of course, that conversation ended in tears (of joy). You can see that video on her Instagram page here.

Bella and Gigi Hadid’s mom, Yolanda, actually lives in the area, so they are both probably here more often than we think. There was someone else with Bella when she came into Nina’s Waffle that night. Emma said he looked very familiar, but could not make out who he was. All we know is that “ he had on a black shirt and they were going to dinner.” Could this possibly be a new love interest? Does Bella have a new boo? Who knows! I promise I'm going to do some digging to find out exactly who this mystery man is.

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