Bed Bath & Beyond just announced that they will be decreasing the amount of coupons they mail and text out to their customers according to NBC News. Their sales have done well during the pandemic, because people were buying things for their homes, but they want to increase their profits even more and compete with other retail stores. Retail analyst Neil Saunders seems to think this decision may drive customers away from their stores because "Many Bed Bath & Beyond customers love coupons." He thinks this decision may effect Bed Bath & Beyond in a negative way. Get your shopping in now and use all the coupons you can. Or stock up now because there may not be a lot coming your way in the future.

I am a coupon fanatic. I swear, when the show Extreme Couponing on TLC came out, I became obsessed. It is not my full time job to coupon, but I do take pride in checking multiple stores to get the best sales prices and save my family some money. I rarely buy things at full price, I always try to look for coupons or check my house if I have a gift card for that store. I like to save money and I like to also have extra money every month for an emergency fund. I think bed Bath & Beyond Coupons are something that almost everyone has in their home. They also have an abundance of them especially because Bed Bath & Beyond allows you to use them even after they expire. For me, it feel so wrong to shop there without a coupon. I get that retailers everywhere are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, and Bed Bath & Beyond feels that they need to compete with other competitors. but I think the retail analyst may be right, it may turn people away from their stores.

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