Let's be real, a lot of us have been thinking about Memorial Day weekend and what we are going to be doing that day. It probably won’t be a lot because of the fear of being in areas with large crowds.

According to NJ.com, the mayor of Belmar, Mark Walsifer, is expecting a lot of people at the beach for Memorial Day weekend. He believes he is ready to take on the weekend with a strategy. The strategy is not fully developed yet but we learned from NJ.com that Walsifer has released some of the main guidelines to protect everyone that plans on going to the beaches town.

Here are some of the guidelines that stood out to us the most:

You will not be finding benches on the boardwalk because they have been removed. This is to keep people away from loitering.

Beaches will not have a limit on how many people can be on the beach BUT if it gets crowded "access will be cut off.” It was said that the beach will be treated like a store.

Social distancing will be highly enforced. Regular patrols will be going around making sure everyone is following the social distancing rules. If not, you'll be asked to leave the beach.

Bathrooms will be open to the public but only a certain amount of people will be allowed in at a time.

That sounds like pretty a good strategy. Not to be a Debby Downer, but it still sounds a little scary to be around large crowds. CNN.com recently reported that Memorial Day weekend can be crucial. They compared it to Japan when the country lifted the lockdown, just days before a long weekend which ended up starting the second wave of coronavirus cases.

Let's all enjoy Memorial Day weekend in a few days and let's stay safe.

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