Chickie's and Pete’s is looking to do you a favor this Memorial Day Weekend. In New Jersey, this weekend is the unofficial yet official start of summer. Everyone is going to be out and about, visiting family and of course, going down the shore.

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It’s a tradition here that most of New Jersey migrates down their favorite shore town on Memorial Day Weekend and Chickie’s and Pete’s wants to do you a solid if you’re traveling down the Atlantic City expressway on Friday afternoon.


They do a promotion every year where they pay your toll if you’re driving down the Atlantic City expressway during a certain time on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend.

This year, the famous Philly/New Jersey restaurant posted on Instagram about their Free Toll Friday which is happening this Friday, May 26.


The flier they have posted on all socials says, “Chickie’s and Pete’s will pay your E-ZPass and cash tolls eastbound at the Egg Harbor Toll Plaza on the Atlantic City Expressway on Friday, May 26 from 5-6 pm.”

It’s a great way to kick off the summer, for sure! Yes, it’s probably the busiest traffic hour and you may leave for your weekend getaway sooner, but if you aren’t into paying the tolls, try to plan on driving on this stretch between 5-6 pm on Friday.

I had never heard of this before, but Chickie’s and Pete’s does this annually, but how amazing is this? You can keep some extra money in your pocket that you can spend on a cocktail or on a boardwalk game.

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