If you're from Philly then you know the restaurant Country Cookin'. Founded by the one and only Saudia Shuler, the soul food joint is a favorite around the city. On Friday we learned that Saudia "Saud" Shuler was diagnosed with coronavirus. She posted a video of herself coughing and out of breath to warn her fans about the dangers of this virus urging people to wear a mask.

"They say I got COVID,” she says in one video. “Y’all better put those masks … on. I’m so miserable. I wouldn’t wish this on nobody.”

Now apparently things have taken a turn for the worst since Friday. She posted another video of herself in the hospital on a ventilator. She said that there isn't much the doctor's can do for her and doctors have suggested taking an experimental drug.

Fans have been pouring love and sending prayers her way all day. Saud says she holding on as long as she can and she is fighting for the sake of her son.

Saud is a native of North Philly and is loved all around the city. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, she is known for her philanthropy and her deep roots in her community. She also made headlines last year for renting a camel for her son's prom.

Please keep this beloved chef in your prayers.


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