Most people's goal in life is to be able to help their families with their life finances and just make sure everyone is taken care of. That task at times can seem extremely tough because financially it is not easy. Seeing athletes give back to their families is definitely motivation to push to be able to do those types of things in your future.

Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers went on Instagram live and shared some great news with his brother. The Sixers player made it known that he had over 10,000 people watching the Instagram live when he surprised his brother @tribesean with a beautiful new car.

Before showing the car to his brother, Ben Simmons reminded his brother of his love for cars. Ben walked to his garage where he showed his brother a beautiful looking Audi SUV and revealed, "That’s your car."

We can't blame Ben Simmons' brother for getting emotional during the Instagram live. The Sixers player's brother shed some tears while Simmons showed him his new Audi SUV.

In the video, Ben Simmons thanked his brother for all of the hard work and everything he does for the pro basketball player.

The funniest part was when Ben Simmons felt accomplished after he had his brother on the Instagram live crying. Ben Simmons said, "I got you crying on the live?" As he rejoiced he did a little fist pump.

That is definitely #goals! Being able to do something like that especially for the people that you love so much and who have been there for you throughout your journey has to be an amazing feeling.

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