I'm a Jersey Girl. I've lived in New Jersey my entire life. I know a lot of people criticize it, but, I love it.

There's so much to do in the Garden State. No matter where you live in the state you have pretty easy access to the best beaches and the mountains aren't far away either.

Whether you're the outdoorsy type or like to stay in and relax at a spa, your perfect getaway is waiting for you.

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But, if you're anything like me, you're so busy that you don't have a lot of time to plan vacations until you say to yourself on a Thursday afternoon, "Gee, I wish I had something fun to do this weekend."

Don't worry, there are people like us everywhere. We work better under pressure. We like living on the edge. Haha. Not really we just have a hard time thinking ahead sometimes, ok, most of the time.

Don't worry, there's plenty to do and usually you can get a plan together last minute and pretty quickly and have a great time.

So, if you find yourself with a little spare time and want to go on a quick getaway in NJ, I have some great suggestions for you and so do my friends. I just did a little impromptu poll and these are the places we all came up with.

Being in New Jersey, I'm sure you can guess that there are a few beach getaways on this list. You can't beat the Jersey Shore (spoken like a true Jersey Girl). Some of my best memories were made down the shore. It's a spot I enjoy not just in the summer, but, all year long.

The recommendations aren't all beach trips though...keep reading.

Best Last Minute Getaways in NJ to Book Now

There's no shortage of great getaways in New Jersey. If you get some spare time and need an idea, take a look at these.

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