There’s nothing better than a huge, freezing ice cream cone after a long day of hanging out down the shore. If you’re a frequent flyer down the shore, you know thst there are about a million places that you can go to get an amazing cone or cup of ice cream.

No matter if you’re craving a giant cone with sprinkles, a milkshake, or a ridiculously huge banana split, you can get it pretty much at every corner in any given beach town along the Jersey Shore.

Plus, it’s always a good time for an ice cream cone. After a long day at the beach, drinking at your favorite shore bar, or even just an excuse to drive down the shore for a few hours. If you ask any local or frequent visitor, everyone has their very favorite ice cream shop that is nonnegotiable for them.

Day's Ice Cream Named Best Shop Along The Jersey Shore

According to Tripadvisor, the highest-rated and favorite ice cream spot along the entire Jersey Shore is Day’s Ice Cream in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. So many reviewers have rated this 5 stars and have posted their comments about the quality of this shop.

Charles H, a reviewer on Tripadvisor commented “What a great place. The ice cream was awesome and history is rich.”.

There’s also a location in Asbury Park, New Jersey, but the Ocean Grove location is the one that specifically took the cake for the best spot along the Jersey Shore. If you’re looking to visit an old-time-looking ice cream shop that just gives off good vibes, this is the spot to go.

This spot was opened up back in 1876 and has been thriving ever since. If you want to check out this amazing and historic ice cream shop, Day's Ice Cream is located at 48 Pitman Ave in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

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