When it comes to bugs, we can never catch a break in New Jersey. From spotted lanternflies to stink bugs, there is always a new pest we need to keep an eye out for. While most of them are harmless, this one that has been found in New Jersey is a cause for some concern.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we're all going to be outside more either hiking, walking, camping or just chilling outdoors so you have to be cautious of this bug that was found.

The Asian Longhorned Tick was found in New Jersey back in 2017 and apparently is still a cause for concern for 2023. According to nj.gov, the tick is also nicknamed a "longhorned tick" or a "bush tick". Ticks are something you do have to be cautious of in our state as the weather begins to get warmed and they're defined as a "parasitic creature that feeds on blood".


The tick is native to East Central Asia and since being seen inside of New Jersey's borders has been a cause for concern. Unfortunately, I'd love to say that these annoying pests are more annoying than harmful, but that's not always the case. They feed on animals and humans and are 100% capable of transmitting diseases.

The most common type of tick in our state is a deer tick, so of course mother nature had to throw a curveball at us.

Ticks are normally found in forests, swamps or woodsy areas so don’t let your guard down while you're out and about! It’s right about now that we just wish we had to worry about Spotted Lanternflies.

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