Lady Gaga won't ever be able to forget her time spent working on A Star Is Born—not now that she has a piece of the film smack dab in the middle of her Hollywood Hills home.

When she recently invited a New York Times Magazine reporter to her house for an interview, the pop star-turned-movie-star revealed the surprisingly large, unsurprisingly moving gift her co-star and director, Bradley Cooper, gifted her after the pair wrapped the highly anticipated film.

What was the gift?

A 15-foot photo of Gaga in the form of a massive still shot from the movie, of course!

"It was a gift from Bradley," the performer shared. "It's the last frame of the movie. Do you know the scene?"

The scene in question is Gaga's final performance number in the film, out October 5, in which her character, Ally, takes to the Shrine Auditorium Stage to belt her big number, "I'll Never Love Again."

We're sure the performance means even more to her now that there's a constant reminder of the special moment right in her home.

Lady Gaga at 'A Star Is Born' Premiere

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