Bradley Cooper pops up in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area every now and then because he grew up in Pennsylvania.

He was spotted at Bob's restaurant (on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ) a day after I was there a few years ago. Plus, he's been spotted all over the Jersey Shore with his mom, Gloria, because they vacationed there for years. He's also been spotted in New Hope in recent years.

This time: he was spotted at Gypsy Blu Restaurant and Bar in Ambler, PA for his 25th Germantown Academy Reunion on Saturday night (November 10).

Earlier in the day, Around Ambler says he went to the long-standing, annual GA-PC Day between arch rivals Germantown Academy and Penn Charter.  This year it was held at Germantown Academy (Bradley's alma mater).

I love that he doesn't forget his roots.

Can you imagine Bradley Cooper walking into your high school reunion?

Do you think they care that he's famous, or is he just the old Bradley Cooper they went to school with? The event planner at Gypsy Blu looked excited to meet him.

Check out the picture here.

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