Former gymnast Mark Gibson of Bucks County is a very spectacular man. He owns a gymnastics studio where he works with families of children battling cancer. He has ran the entire length of the Grand Canyon twice, ran from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia in 10 days and biked from Ocean City, New Jersey to Santa Cruz, California. He has been doing various exercise feats for charity for the last decade.

This year, on November 19th, to celebrate his 60th birthday, Gibson will run up and down the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum nearly 900 times as an homage to the classic 70s sports film and franchise, “Rocky.” According to Philly Voice, by doing this, he will be doing the exercise equivalent of going up and down Mt. Everest, which is more than 29,000 feet tall. The entire run should take him 24 hours to complete. Bathroom breaks and moments to eat are included. The feat will raise money for the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, whose goal as an organization is to fund childhood cancer research. As of now, he has raised $1,300 and hopes to get to $2,000 by the end of the run.

"These are kids that have to be persistent, and their challenge makes my little thing up and down the steps look minute," Gibson said. "I wanted to give something to the kids in Philadelphia, and it was a good cause I could get behind."

Donations can be made to Gibson’s Rocky Steps Everest Challenge here.


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