A lucky Bucks County native was officially named Miss America 2020.

This years Miss America competition took place in Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun Arena last night.

Although the winner, Camille Schrier was representing the state of Virginia she's actually a Newtown, PA native.

According to patch.com, "Schrier, now a pharmacy graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University, grew up competing, including while she was a student at The Hun School in Princeton, N.J."

What really wowed the judges and audience was Schrier talent. Let's just say it was not your typical song and dance.

Of course being a pharmacy graduate student it would only make sense to do something science related for her talent portion of the competition, which she did and it was VERY cool.

Patch.com described it as "a catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, had a big finish as colorful foam burst out of the beakers."

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