According to the Intelligencer, an ACME supermarket in Doylestown and one of it's employees have entered into a legal battle over a winning lottery ticket worth more than $4.15 million.  Here's what happened to cause the dispute...

On March 21, ACME employee Beverly Seltzer was the clerk handling lottery ticket purchases.  That day, a man asked to purchase $22 worth of Pennsylvania Lottery Match 6 tickets.  Seltzer handled the transaction and gave the man 4 slips of paper with the numbers printed on them.  The man told Seltzer that he wanted the numbers each printed on individual tickets, so Seltzer set aside the unwanted slips and started a new transaction.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

ACME claims that after the winning numbers were drawn, Seltzer scanned the tickets and discovered that one ticket was worth over $4 million.  The company says she proceeded to ring up a purchase for the winning ticket and then, claimed it as her own.  ACME goes on to say that it is against company policy for an employee to handle their own lottery purchases.

(Note: We reported on this winning ticket before anyone claimed the winnings.  Click here.)

As a result of a court order, the Pennsylvania Lottery has postponed awarding the prize pending the outcome of the lawsuit.


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