There have been many things that have taken place during this pandemic that have really upset me. One of those things was people arguing with store workers and business owners are wearing masks in their establishments. There is a sign posted on the door that clearly states you must wear a mask. It's for everyone's benefit and if you don't want to wear a mask, don't go out. Do online shopping and delivery. I remember I saw someone in Shoprite once with no mask on and not one employee said something, because they were afraid the woman was going to flip out about it. I was annoyed, but I had my son with me so I wasn't going to risk it telling this woman to put a mask on. We've come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic and now that the vaccine rollout has begun, it's a whole new world. People seem hopeful and ready to get past this pandemic. It's nice to see.

What I do not like seeing, it vaccine shaming. If you don't know what that is, it's simple. It's when people make comments or get upset when they see other people getting the vaccine and they are struggling to make an appointment themselves. I get it, it's scary and this is frustrating, but that's not the way to take out your frustrations. I belong to several social media groups that send out alerts and posts constantly about when appointments are opening at clinics, drugstores and mega centers and you just have to be quick to get an appointment. I understand that everyone believes they deserve the vaccine before others, and I know that some do, but to assume that someone doesn't have an underlying condition is just rude and frankly none of your business. Just because someone is "young" doesn't mean they don't deserve the vaccine. They could be fighting an internal battle or struggling with their health and keeping it to themselves.

For the people who are eligible now but can't get an appointment, all I can say is, KEEP TRYING! Join Facebook groups and ask for help. There are volunteers that will also help make appointments. Just keep trying and soon all that want to be vaccinated will be. For now, the people who are getting vaccinated are on their way to making our world a better place by not either not transmitting coronavirus or just not contracting it.

Everyone take a deep breath, keep doing what you're doing with healthy habits and I hope all of you that want to get a vaccine do very soon. Let's all be kind to one another.


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