Have you ever wondered if it's illegal to flip off a police officer? I have personally never done it. I don't have the balls and cops intimated the heck out of me. But I saw it happen with my own eyes as I was driving down I-95 the other day.

There was a cop car hiding in the bushes waiting to catch speeding cars near the Neshaminy exit in Pennsylvania. The person in front of me immediately slammed on his breaks as once he spotted the officer's car which caused me to have to slam on mine as well. Luckily, the cop didn't clock either of us and we were able to cruise on by without being stopped. But I noticed the driver in front of me raise his right hand and give the cop the bird as he drove past.

My heart stopped because I thought for sure the red and blue flashing lights would turn on and follow the guy. But they didn't. Maybe the officer didn't see the guy flipping him off. Maybe he decided to ignore it. That got me wondering what the consequences could be for disrespecting an officer like that.

I did some research and learned of a phrase called "contempt of cop." According to Wikipedia, it means the behavior by people toward law enforcement officers that the officers perceive as disrespectful or deferential to their authority. Apparently contempt of a cop isn't necessarily an actual offense. You can only get in trouble if you pair it with a more aggressive act like the use of excessive force.

So no you can't get fined or jailed for giving the officer the bird. However, as a decent human being let's try to respect the people who are there to help and serve us.


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