October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the color to represent this month is pink!

Police officers from towns across the state (ike Mt. Olive, North Brunswick, and Hammonton0 are showing their support.

North Brunswick Police Department in Middlesex County, partnered with a local hospital and just unveiled a Pink Patrol car that will be driven around in support of those battling breast cancer! How cute is this car?

Meanwhile, the Hammonton Police Department in Atlantic County is wearing these pink badges to promote breast cancer awareness and early detection. These are adorable!

Credit: Hammonton Police Dept

Credit: Hammonton Police Dept


Mt. Olive Police Department in Morris County is also changing up their badges this month. Their badges now have a pink trim for breast cancer awareness month. Plus, they're also selling these badges (along with other custom police department items). The proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

Having lost someone very near and dear to my heart to breast cancer, this month is very special to me.

Raising money and awareness are just two things you can do for those who are fighting breast cancer and those who have lost their fight against this terrible disease. It's also a wonderful way to tell the survivors of breast cancer that you're proud of them for kicking the crap out of cancer!

Join these wonderful officers in supporting the fight & spreading awareness!


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