Something that bothered me a lot about when the President's task force told the country that we need to practice social distancing, was that there didn't seem to be any restrictions on mass transit. Yes, I understand that essential workers need to get to their jobs and some of them don't have a way to get there, but I felt that there should have been restrictions set since people ride so close together while they're on trains and busses. Septa has now taken some action, because another one of their employees has died from coronavirus.

According to CBS Philly, starting today, (April 9th) Septa is beginning their Life Service schedule and Essential Service schedule, where there will be many restrictions on certain line and closures of stations and some lines won't even run at all. In addition to the restrictions, Septa is also requiring whoever is riding their transit systems to wear a face mask. Septa is doing their part to stop the spread of coronavirus and keep their employees safe.

If you need more details about these restrictions, you can click here or check out Septa's website.

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